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Date: October 6 – 10 2021

Bentonville, AR

What is included in this trip and how much does it cost?
  • Trip cost $750
  • Transportation for 5 days
  • Stay for 4 nights
  • Guide
  • Bike, gear and luggage handling
  • Snacks and refreshments at the parks
  • Shuttle cost for Lake Leatherwood and Great Passion


  • Oh wow, are you driving all the way there? Yes, we are!
  • OMG it’s a long drive, can I fly instead? and you guys can pick me up in XNA (Fayette Arkansas Airport Rgnl). Yes you can! And yes we can pick you up.
  • Can I send my bike and my gear with you, so I don’t have to carry it on the plane? Yes, you can!
  • How much is the plane ticket to Bentonville? We invite you to check out the different airlines, however, we did our homework! American Airlines starting price $237.00 Round Trip direct flight. The sooner you book it, the better the price.
  • So, if I fly, do I get a discounted price on this trip? No.
  • Are you making any stops on the way to Bentonville? Yes, we are! we need to eat, stretch our legs and use the restroom.
  • Is breakfast, lunch, dinner included? No, is not included.
  • Is this trip guided? Yes, it is! You need to sign a waiver of liability form. That’s it.
  • Do I get my own bed? Yes, you will
  • Do I get my own bedroom? bedrooms will be assigned at time of arrival. Yes, there is a possibility that you do get your own bedroom, however, is not guaranteed. “You might have to share the room with someone that snores and probably farts a lot 😉
  • Where are we staying? We are staying in a beautiful house in Bella Vista, Arkansas. Located 15 minutes from Bentonville.
  • Is transportation included in Bentonville? Yes, it is!
  • What is the deadline to pay for my trip? A 50% deposit is required to place your reservation. 50% final payment September 27th.