• Reservations Over the Phone Mon-Sat: 9AM-5PM
  • +1.954.347.5005
  • 1.800.529.6061



If canceling your reservation within 2 days of first service, no refund will be issued. A cancellation fee may be applicable if canceling your reservation outside of 2 Days. Cancellation fee is determined by a number of factors including but not limited to date, credit card fees, number of passengers, total number of reservations and type of vehicle.


NO, only non-stop private shuttles are available for cruise ports, airports, homes, hotels and businesses.

YES, this service is only available for our hotel partners and their guests going to the airport and cruise ports.
If you are a non-guest and want this service, please call us for more information to 954.347.5005

All vehicles are equipped to carry one suite case and one carry on. If you have more bags, add an extra trailer to your reservation for the cost of $60.00

No, weather and traffic conditions are situations out of our control. If a shuttle is late, the driver will contact you before your schedule pick up time to let you know what the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is and why he/she is late.

This is how the driver will communicate with you during your shuttle service. If the driver cannot reach you on your cellphone, this may cause delays on your shuttle service. If the driver cannot contact you after 30 minutes of your schedule pick up time, it is considered a no-show no and no refund will be issue.

Yes, it is $50.00 additional fee to meet and greet